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im danielle shake my damn hand!

Name:danielle , dannie , retard girl , fizzy panda
Age:14 woot woot step off bitch!
Location:greenock scotland

Likes:COURTNEY FUCKING LOVE , chineeeeeeese food , hole , brody dalle , the distillers , joj , babes in toyland , oh any chick that screams !! and rainy days ... walks aswell
Dislikes:blink 182 , sunny sunny really sunny days , concerts were no one stands up!!
Favourite musique?:courtney , hole ,joj, distillers , babes in toyland oh tons
Anything else you'd like to add:dont u just hate it wen ur fucking n thers a great looking chocolate bar on the table n ur like oi wish i was eating u instead of this its pish! ... god u look so yummy the u scream gimmie the chocolate so uv ended the fuck anyway no u can eat the chocolate!!!!
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